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Challenges & Charity with Aspire Adventures

It feels good to challenge yourself and do something for charity. We know that. That’s why we run numerous adventure challenges around the UK and support charities with their fundraising goals and objectives. At Aspire Adventures we love social purpose and helping people to give something back.

Aspire Adventures - Mountain Challenges

Mountain Challenges

At Aspire Adventures™ we love it when people want to challenge themselves in the mountains. We encourage and support responsible activities that help offset carbon emissions and help with the reduction of single use plastics as these events take place. Some challenges may be for charity and some just to stretch your boundaries.

We can help you design a challenge or you could lean on something established like the Welsh 3,000’s or the Welsh 3 Peaks. Email the team and we will gladly help.

Aspire Adventures - The Aspire Adventures Adventure Challenge

The Adventure Challenge

The team challenge to rival all team challenges!

Based in the mountains of north Wales, this event will stretch your adventure boundaries and feed your soul.

Aspire Adventures - Snowdon Summits

Snowdon Summits

Snowdon is on our doorstep and we, as a team, have summited 100’s of times. We love this mountain and love that people may have a summit attempt on their bucket list. We can advise on the best route, guide you 1:2:1 for a sunrise summit or build something especially for you.

Let us know. We can make it really special and help create an amazing memory. Get in touch.

Aspire Adventures - Beach to Beacon

Beach to Beacon

This is something new to our adventure portfolio and we can lift and shift the principles around the UK. We start the challenge at a ‘beach’ and work our way to a summit or ‘beacon’ using networks of paths (or even rivers/lakes/mountains) and bridleways. This can be anything from a day challenge to a long weekend series of adventure activities leading to a trophy at the end as teams compete against each other.

This is FUN! Get in touch to find out more and start designing just for you.

Aspire Adventures - Charity Challenges


Being part of something bigger than ourselves is incredibly fulfilling. We have worked with charities or all shapes and sizes to help support their fundraising goals and objectives.

We can design and create something amazing that isn’t just fun but highly sponsorable. We want to hear from you…

Aspire Adventures - Bespoke Challenges


We can design something just for you or your group. We love the challenge of designing something fun, challenging and environmentally friendly.

Set us the challenge of creating or designing your challenge! Go on, you know you want to…?!

Aspire Adventures - Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

Show your loved ones, or even yourself, how much you care when it comes to giving a gift. The gift of adventure is one of the greatest gifts you can give.

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